Vote Builder began when our founder, Mark Kendrick, faced the daunting task of stabilizing the election process and re-affirming voter confidence at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. Mr. Kendrick, then a business administration and computer science student, served as Chairperson for the Election Commission of the Associated Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU). During his two-year tenure, he developed a solution for CWU that was similar in concept to the system that now powers Vote Builder.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of web-based voting solutions for colleges and universities. After we establish ourselves in these markets, we will begin expanding into private-sector voting solutions that, like our educational systems, will serve the unique needs of a specific user group.

From the beginning, Vote Builder's most distinguished feature has been our ability to adapt to the unique political environment found at a college or university, and especially a public instiutution. We recognize the inflexiblity of policies and frequent budget constraints and, unlike other online voting providers, our systems adapt flexibly to almost any environment.

iKend Solutions, our parent company, is a leading provider of web-based business solutions. They offer professional web services, web hosting, and consulting, and are available for custom solution development. The Vote Builder system is powered and supported by iKend Solutions, and all billing arrangements are made through iKend Solutions.

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