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Our pricing is designed to fit the size of any organization, large or small. We base the prices for our services on the load they will place on our system. For example, an election with 8,000 voters will require more system resources than an election with only 100 voters.

To simplify calculation, we have created an easy-to-use calculator to help you determine the cost of hosting your election with Vote Builder. You can save your calculations for later and you can use them to create a service agreement and order your entire election system through our online ordering system. Click here for the cost calculator.

Election Site
  Site Hosting (per week)   7.95
Personal Domain Name (one-time setup)   19.95
Online Debate System (per week)   5.95
Additional 50megs storage (per week)   2.95

Online Voting
  Base price (per election)   34.95
  Online Voting for one election (per 100 voters)   1.95
  One Email Registration mailing (per 500 voters)   4.95

Polling Site Integration
  Base price (per election)   30.95
  Polling Site Integration for one election (per 100 voters)   0.95

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