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Detailed Feature List
Manages voting for both candidates and issues (i.e. by-law changes, constitution revisions, etc.)
Very easy to use, with in-line help and clear instructions throughout the process.
Optionally allows write-in candidates and collates the results for manual review.
Completely anonymous: votes are stored in the system without any form of personal identification.
Secure: votes cannot be added to the system manually, even through the client control panel. Voters cannot vote more than once in the same election.
Flexible data requirements: you may be able to use online voting even if you do not have complete access to your voter's data (see below).
Detailed returns and statistics: shows voter turnout by location, number of votes cast for each candidate / issue, and more.

Data Requirements (without voter registration)
Vote Builder's online voting system is a powerful but flexible tool to help you collect votes from your constituency. For the system to work effectivly without a voter registration process, there are certain data requirements that must be met.
First, Vote Builder needs a unique way to recognize each voter (technically speaking, this should be a "primary record identifier"). An example would be a student ID number, an employee ID number, or a membership number. Vote Builder does not recommend using social security numbers because of the sensitive nature of this information.
Next, you will need to provide a PIN number or a password, or a similar code that only a specific individual will know. This code, combined with the unique identifier, will allow a voter to sign in and place their vote online.
Finally, Vote Builder needs the unique identifier and code, with the voter's name, provided in a data file that can be merged into our database. Ideally, this should be a tab-delimited or CSV text file, with each record on a line and with each line terminated by a new-line character. Your data will be merged into our system manually by our technicians, and therefore some variation from this specification is possible. Contact us or send us a sample file if you have any doubts.

Voter Registration System
Vote Builder understands that many organizations, especially Colleges and Universities, are reluctant or unable to meet the data requirements listed above. To address this challenge, Vote Builder created a unique registration process that only requires a voter's email address. Here's how it works:
You provide Vote Builder with a list of email addresses and, optionally, one other piece of non-sensitive personal data, such as a birth date.
At a specific time, Vote Builder will stage a mass-mailing to all of the voters in the email list. Each email will contain a unique code and web site link. Voters who click on that link will be taken to the voter registration page.
The registration page will verify that the authorization code was correct, and allow the voter to choose a password to access the system. The voter can then procede to the online voting, or they can return later when the online polls open.

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