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Detailed Feature List
Prevents duplicate voting by validating each voter before they vote, and then "flagging" their account so that they cannot vote again at another location (or even online).
Provides an alternative for those voters who do not feel comfortable voting online.
Allows you to have multiple polling sites to reach a maximum number of voters (i.e. at various locations on a college campus).
No special software to install: all you need is a computer with a web-browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) and access to the Internet.
Works with or without online voting.

Data Requirements
If you can fulfill the requirements for online voting, you can also use the PSI tool.
You will need a voter's name and one other piece of non-sensitive personal data such as their birthdate. Then, at the polls, you will need to ask for a picture ID or a similar identification to verify their name. You then enter that name into the PSI system and it will authenticate their request to vote.

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