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Standard Features
Your site can be accessed by your own domain name ( or by a "virtual domain" such as www.YourName.Vote If you choose to use your own domain name, you will need to register the name with a registar and point it to our servers. Contact us at support@Vote for details.
Modifications to your site's content are managed here at the Vote Builder site using a simple but powerful web-based interface. Your content is inserted into the system template.
You can modify the color scheme of the site and upload your own custom header images.
You can include HTML formatting in your custom areas, or you can let the system create the formatting.
Custom files, including images and HTML files, may be uploaded to the site (up to 100 megabytes per election).
Self-updating schedule: you can enter a full calendar of events, and the system will automatically display the most current events in a list on the main page of the site.
Press-release management system: you can enter "press releases" or similar news items and the system will manage a directory of that information and optionally display it on the main page.
Works with or without online voting.

Standard Election Features
You can upload candidate pictures and other information (such as bio's or statements). The system will list the candidates under the position they are running for.
The system will maintain an information section for each of the "issues" in your election (such as constitution changes). You can upload HTML files or image files, or you can simply type the information into a form.
Dynamic results publication: the system will calculate and display the results of your elections, and include a list of winning candidates on the main page. You can choose to always display this information (which will be updated in real time) or you can publish it yourself at a specific time.

Optional Feature: Online Debate Forum
A fully-automated discussion forum for each of your candidates and issues.
You can choose to moderate the list (approve or disapprove postings) or you can choose to have postings published immediatly to the web.
Posting and responding to messages can be controlled in powerful ways: you can limit posting exclusively to voters, control the number of times a voter can comment on an issue, prevent candidates from commenting on other candidates who are running for the same position, and more.

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